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Patricia A. McKnight

Author/Owner/CEO, Individual & Family Services

Hi, I'm Patricia A. McKnight. Welcome to my profile!

Patricia A. McKnight's Bio:

Patricia A. McKnight is today aCrisis Support/Mentor/Key Note Speaker/Radio Host/Advocate/Activist/Author Founder/CEO; Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio but most of my life was filled with horror beyond even the incredible Mr. Stephen King's immagination. It was a brutal journey for 32 years and in learning about my emotional wounds, the lack of life & financial skills, rebuilding by educating myself on various types of abuses & the generational impact of the tolerance and silence we have been teaching our children, this is how I use my skills today.

I've learned a lot in these past 5 years as an advocate and support mentor. The past year alone throughout building Butterfly Dreams I have personally been able to assist 57 clients & rescue three teens from a sexually abusive situation. We completed our first fundraiser in helping provide Blankets of Hope for ChildHelp Merv Griffin Village in So. California. Thankfully I continue to learn more everyday about how the emotional wounding has been allowed to cycle forward by what generations past have taught us through actions of abuse or by forcing our children to remain silent and protect their abuser. We can change this by changing our tolerance of these crimes.

I believe that if we support a survivor today, help rescue victims and give them a friend to walk the path of rebuilding with them, we can change how they will use their healing voice to empower those in their life circle. I believe that when we begin teaching our children that no matter who is harming you, use your voice to help get your family help. If we can educate every community to build a public resource of help for all types of victims & family support; we will teach our teens to speak rather than remain in the tolerance and silence. I believe we can build a stronger society against these types of acts within our family unit and end the cycle for our children today.

IL. DV & Child Advocate, Author 'My Justice', Rescue & Restore Human Trafficking Coalition, Key Note Speaker & Support Mentor.

Patricia A. McKnight


Patricia A. McKnight's Experience:

  • Executive Director & Talk Radio Host - Advocate/Activist/Author at Dreamcatchers For Abused Children

    As of Sept 29, 2012 I stepped away from the radio world for a bit and am no longer affiliated with DFAC. updating, ty The Dreamcatchers Talk Radio is the prime source for our educational and awareness platform of the community outreach programs. On these programs we strive to bring you Survivors/Advocates/Educational Programs to help you be the extended arm of help to others, but also promote a healing process for those who have been affected by the crimes of Child Physical, Sexual & Emotional Abuse; Bullying; Domestic Violence; Human Trafficking and much more. We hope to empower you with inner growth, knowledge, and support. Together we can all bring about change to provide a safer environment for the next generation. Join me as we gear up for our Fall/Winter programming and some very exciting guests, along with some new inspirational hosts.

  • Independent DFAC Volunteer at Advocate Against Abuse

  • Founder at Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

    Welcome to Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery!! We are a not for profit foundation here to provide hope, help & healing for victims, survivors & families dealing with some form of past or present abuse, violence, or trafficking. We also provide community outreach education to build stronger resources within every small town across the nation and around the world. Together we are connecting hearts & holding hands of help for all beings impacted by this type of trauma. We can change the ongoing cycle of these types of crimes within our family unit through understanding the tolerance and silence we have taught our society throughout centuries. Talking about these actions on a public basis will remove the taboo of the topic and empower our kids to believe they have the power & support to play a key role in changing our society's belief in accepting these attacks and protecting our attacker. Teach your child how to speak up, community members keep your eyes open and don't turn away, we can teach the future by understanding our past. Today is the day we make that choice. You may wish to reach out for more information about what we do and who we are. Please check out the links shared below. Be sure to 'FOLLOW' our radio programming; Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio - You will find me on the air every Monday & Wednesday evening, Rachel Grant, Michal Madison, & Dr. Brenda Markert-Green provide special segments throughout the month. You can also sign up for our NEWSLETTER or share your resource of help by emailing direct to Independent Advocates & Not for Profit Organizations - Change is here!! Thank you for making a difference!!! Patricia 'Trish McKnight Owner/CEO Contact direct: Author: 'My Justice'; Research/Writing/Peer Support/Crisis Resources

  • Survivor of Abuse Empowerment - Public Speaker at Independent - Public Speaker

    In Feb.2011 I published my own true horror story surrounding my 12yrs of sadistic torture and scarring neglect from my parents. I also shared the issue of "trained" behavior that kept me going from one abuser to the next throughout 20 yrs of almost deadly Domestic Violence. Then I finally broke free to claim a life of my own and provide a home where my children could feel safe. It is the training of accepting the abuses against us and the belief in the brainwashing of our abusers that keeps us trapped in this life of control. I now share my voice to help others understand they too can break free and claim their own happiness in life, feel safe, and finally feel true freedom. For more information please check out the blog site or join me at - If you are interested in having me speak at your function you can contact me through this profile or email me at - Giving empowerment to your voice and ability to your freedom!!!

  • Independent Author at "My Justice"

    Sharing the true details of the abuse that controlled 32 years of my life. The abandonment of my entire family; the neglect and sacrafice of me to keep peace within the home; the severe damage of the child abuse that set what was acceptable and trained as a pattern of life; the scars, physical damage and emotional trauma that I still carry; to the regained spirit, freedom, Safety!!! See the separate pages on my blog site for more information.

  • Community Activist in Awareness Against Abuse at Independent

    Promoting awareness & change to help battle the silence surrounding the crimes of child abuse, intimitate partner violence, bullying. Creating community ideas and promoting activities to bring the community awareness and support closer together. Opening the door to the silence.

  • Business Mngmnt/Accounting at Disabled from DV Injury

Patricia A. McKnight's Education:

  • Violence Prevention Center of SW IL

  • Abbie Business Institute -Valedictorian

    Associate in Business
    Concentration: Accounting
  • Freeburg Community School District

Patricia A. McKnight's Interests & Activities:

Speaking/Research/Writing/Talk Radio/Advocate/Activist

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